Monday, June 14, 2010

Bad behavior

If you're from the state of North Carolina, this would be the appropriate time to feel a bit of embarrassment that you voted this man into office. His so-called "apology" (accompanied by statements such as "I've been spit at and assaulted") falls far short of being genuine. It's more in the strain of I'm sorry I got caught. Watch this video and you will see that this college student was both polite, and appropriate in his behavior. Is this who we have making those all-so-important decisions that will have repercussions for generations to come? A bunch of bullies that feel no need to control their impulses (can anyone say assault here?). My kids know better than to behave this way.

*INTERESTING to note: In spite of this video getting many views (it has made the news in many media outlets) youtube is not adding any additional numbers to the views. I'm usually not into conspiracy theories...but give me a break. I'm not buying the technical difficulties here. No doubt there are those (who will remain un-named of course) who would rather it be thought this is NON-news. If youtube "fixes" it, and the numbers are adjusted, I'll admit I was wrong. Maybe ;)