Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Nikki is gently chiding me to update this blog, so I shall do so. Just to make her happy;)

Today I posted an entry on my main blog that I usually would post here, but just felt compelled to put it there instead. It was one of those times where I couldn't separate the mild-mannered mom from the more out-spoken me, Lol.

However, I did want to mention that as far as the last entry concerning the so-called Polygamist Ranch, there has been an interesting twist. Authorities are saying that they have not identified the young girl who called (which set the whole ball rolling) because...she may not exist!

They have traced the phone card used to an African-American woman who they think may have possibly reported it as a hoax...can anyone tell me why someone would do that?

I really need to say that I am a great supporter of Law Enforcement, and think that they truly most likely (hopefully that's not double-talk) had the best interests of these people in mind.

And as I said before, polygamy is not legal, and thus there were laws being broken including underage marriages taking place.

Even they (the authorities) are admitting that this could be a long time in getting settled. I don't envy them the job of doing that.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Separation of Church and State

I think most Christians know the importance of Separation between Church and State. As much as some people would like it to say otherwise in our school history books, this is one of the main reasons our ancestors came to the New World: to have Freedom of Religion. To Worship as they chose to.

Unfortunately, many crimes are committed today in the name of Christianity.

There are so many different directions I could go with that thought, but in this post I am thinking of the case taking place right now in San Angelo, Texas.

I should say from the start that I have mixed feelings about this situation. While I thoroughly agree that the Leader of this sect, Warren Steed Jeffs, is exactly where he should be (in a jail cell), and am also against the practice of polygamy, I do feel some compassion for the women and children in this case.

As I read one reporters description on the day of the evacuation of the women and children from the polygamist ranch, I was slightly irritated... What did it matter that the women and young girls wore floor-length dresses and had hair that reached to their waist? How was this a sign of mistreatment?

Of course, that wasn't what they were saying; they were just emphasizing one more angle which (to that reporter) made these people seem odd.

If the young girls had displayed body piercings, tattoos, and dyed orange hair...they would have seemed perfectly normal.

Please don't misunderstand me, I am NEVER for the under-aged marrying (and forced relations) that is claimed here; I find that rather disgusting. And it SHOULD be punished if it is found to be true.

But I am afraid that perhaps those who have done no wrong are being lumped in with those who have.

And any time that the Government steps in and dictates what can and cannot be done, makes me just a little nervous.

I think these people are sincerely wrong in their beliefs; just as they would think I am in mine.

Do I think the Government should have stepped in? I really don't know. Only time will tell if the right thing was done.

So far, the accuser has not stepped forward, the one who basically set the ball rolling for this evacuation. Many of the members of this Sect feel persecuted and discriminated against. They just want their wives and children to come home.

And yet, crimes cannot be allowed purely because they fall within the realm of religious belief.

This is a case I plan to keep my eye on.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The pledge of Allegiance- Obama style

Georgia Mom wrote a post on the Pledge of Allegiance that is very well written and legitimately questians the sense of Patriotism portrayed by presidential hopeful Obama.

Monday, April 7, 2008

The latest just in...

So far, these are the comments I've heard concerning Hillary's visit to our neigboring town:

"She talked about really good stuff."

"She really cares about the environment and stuff."

Could it be that stuff is the new key word?

Now, granted, these are fairly young kids commenting (anyone below the age of 25 is now a kid to me; yes, I'm that old).

And isn't there something about the zeal of youth that makes you almost yearn to be in their shoes again?

I say almost because hopefully with our loss of our youth to maturity, we gain wisdom and understanding; and the ability to cut through the words meant to distract us from the real issues.

I applaud their desire to be involved with the politics of our great country; after all, it is their future and that of their children that is at stake here.

Imagine their surprise when many of them will find that these issues can take on a whole new light when they have children of their own.

Everyone has the right to believe what they want to, and vote the way they believe.

Let's just hope their vote is not gained by pretty packages that, when they are opened, are full of nothing but ideals without any substance.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Am I missing something?

About 2 weeks ago while listening to an afternoon radio talk show, my attention was caught by one of those cliff-hanger tease lines they throw you, so you'll be sure to stick around for the news:

An Oregon man claims he is 6 months pregnant!

Well, I admit they had my attention. With the scientific advances we've (or they've) made in the last 10 years....could it truly be that they had found a way?

Imagine my disappointment, after sticking around to hear it, that the he was really a she, that had decided to become a he.

And I am NOT making fun of people who decide to change genders...I have much more important things to do than to even approach that subject.

What irritates me is that they are treating this as if it was some scientific breakthrough...when any woman in the world could do the same thing.

Yes, even I could decide to become a man (admittedly hubby would be quite disappointed), have an operation (although not a thorough one; obviously, if there is somewhere for a baby to grow), and then declare to the world " I, a man, am going to have a baby!"

What is astounding about that??? Besides the fact that I would do that...although of course I wouldn't.

And truly it would have totally been lost to the graveyard of my memory except that they keep repeating it over and over and between the reports of Hillary coming to town.

And then they say that Oprah had him on her show today???

Is there nothing newsworthy going on in this world? Or am I truly missing something?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Quess who's coming to Town

Uh oh...the Big H is coming to town. And within days of the Big B being here.

Okay...let's quit with the silly code names: I'm talking about Bill and Hillary!

Could it be that the lovely (it really is) state of Oregon is actually going to influence when it comes to it's Democratic Primary? Because that would be quite unusual, considering by this time things are usually set in stone on that matter (or as far as this young'un can remember).

Bill talked green (not money, environmental). That really stimulates some of these North westerners. Of which my dear hubby is one. Not an environmentalist, but a north westerner.

Of course, Obama didn't leave us out. He was here last week.

He said that special word of his alot: change.

He said what he would change, but not really much of how he would change it (that came from a Democrat, not me).

And if this post seems at all confusing or non-sensical, imagine how some of us Oregonians are going to feel after Hillary comes.

I don't think MY environment can handle any change, especially if it comes as a result of someone with Hillary's experience.