Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Nikki is gently chiding me to update this blog, so I shall do so. Just to make her happy;)

Today I posted an entry on my main blog that I usually would post here, but just felt compelled to put it there instead. It was one of those times where I couldn't separate the mild-mannered mom from the more out-spoken me, Lol.

However, I did want to mention that as far as the last entry concerning the so-called Polygamist Ranch, there has been an interesting twist. Authorities are saying that they have not identified the young girl who called (which set the whole ball rolling) because...she may not exist!

They have traced the phone card used to an African-American woman who they think may have possibly reported it as a hoax...can anyone tell me why someone would do that?

I really need to say that I am a great supporter of Law Enforcement, and think that they truly most likely (hopefully that's not double-talk) had the best interests of these people in mind.

And as I said before, polygamy is not legal, and thus there were laws being broken including underage marriages taking place.

Even they (the authorities) are admitting that this could be a long time in getting settled. I don't envy them the job of doing that.

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Nikki said...

You have made me happy! Thank you!!