Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Conception of this blog- G Rated

Hubby and I were having one of our rarer talks; not to say that we rarely talk, but our usual talk surrounds our kids, church,our kids, extended family, our kids,ect. You get the general idea. This was one of those talks that we get to indulge in once-in-a-while: local news, politics (tis-the-season) and the criminal element (I know, not your normal pillow-talk, LoL).

Then we started discussing my blog. I mentioned how I really enjoy posting about our life in general, and our kids specifically. But... sometimes I just feel compelled to post about other subjects: politics, items in the news, our justice system. Things that not all my readers probably want to hear about. And things that some people may even think that a Christian wife and mom really has no business delving into.

This gave him cause to pause. He does that alot. Sometimes in the middle of what he's saying. And I think that he's actually done talking, because I never take a long pause mid-sentence.

See, I can't even be quiet while describing him pausing!

Now where were we? Oh, right.

So he looked at me and said these astouding words: "So why don't you start a blog about those things?"

Well...blogs do take time. And two blogs would take up twice the amount of time. (Math was one of my best subjects in school, can you tell?)

So divide your blog time up between the two. I mean...there's no great Blogmaster out there who dictates how often or how much you have to post on each one, is there? (That's it-no more sci-fi for him! Who ever heard of a great blogmaster?)

Me: But some people really don't think that a Christian mom and wife should have the time to research and write about such subjects. Or should even care about them.

Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But since I am your husband (really, he rarely uses those 6 words!) I think you should go for it. Not only that, I think it would be great for you to talk to other people about these interests. You give most of your time to your family..there's nothing wrong with having a diversion. It doesn't make you any less of a wife, mom, or Christian for that matter. Besides, it wouldn't take much of your time- you could write about this stuff at the drop of a hat.

Me:(slowly but surely coming to his way of thinking)
What about people who may wonder whether my house is pristine and whether I'm cooking 3 fresh-from.... (For some reason, he interuppted me at this point)

You worry about what people think too much (If I had a nickel for every time I've heard those words from him..or even a penny). Before we ever had children, or were married for that matter, I liked hearing about things that were interesting to you. I'm happy with what you do as a wife and mom...Shouldn't that be enough?

Enough said!

Do I need to mention that my Hubby earned some Major bonus points during this conversation? And we all know...well, I did say in my title this would be G-rated!

So MyKidsMom will be my mild-mannered blog where I talk about my family that I love and truly try to dedicate myself to.

And The Proverbial Straw will be my small diversion, a place to vent my amazement of the things going on in our country politically, justice-wise, and anything else that seems to be the straw that would break the camels back.

Does this mean I now have a secret identity like Superman? Hubby says No; but I just may be able to claim a case of split-personality, LoL.

One last thing: I greatly dislike what I call Bashing. Definition: Calling anyone you don't like (whether it be politically or otherwise) Idiots, other Vulgar Words (which I would blush to post), ect. While I realize they may well be just that (the I-word), it doesn't tend towards intelligent conversation. While the one who yells the loudest may very well be heard above all others, people don't tend to have a high opinion of that, and it closes minds and ears.

Let the Liberals yell and call names to show their ignorance; and let's make sure the shoe doesn't fit on the other foot.

Did I just say that? I believe I did. And there wasn't one I-word in it;)


Frasypoo said...

Good for you !
I understand that feeling of not being able to shout and scream about how wrong people are about republicans.
This is a perfect platform for your opinions,I will bring my political friends around here when I get back to blogging.

PS:I still get notifications when you leave a comment so dont worry about the emails.I tend to keep in touch with blogging friends thro emails

Nikki said...

I'm looking forward to reading this blog! I think we really have a lot in common.

Mrs Nespy said...

I have just found both of your blogs. I'm interested in tuning in and seeing where this goes!

And good for you for having an opinion to voice...too many people are apathetic.

Angelika said...

As a Canadian(eh) in this beautiful country I can not vote and sometimes feel like I can't, or shouldn't, comment on politics. If you don't mind a Canadian budding in once in a while I'll drop by again.

MyKidsMom said...

ANGELIKA: I just saw your comment...sorry about the delay.

BY ALL MEANS put in your 2 cents worth...or more if you like:)

I really mean this blog as an all-encompassing forum of a variety of subjects; some women don't like to get into these nitty-gritty subjects that are often left to the men.

I personally blame my dear father for awakening an interest in these areas, and my dear hubby for encouraging it!

Angelika said...

I would think since you are homeschooling you would have to be up to date on all this stuff in order to teach your kids, right? (I don't home school for a number of reasons, but I admire all the women/parents who do. Good for you!!!)