Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What in the world?

So last week while on vacation I decided I would take a little alone time in the hotel and see what the television had to offer. Being that we don't have broadcast TV in our home (for too many reasons to list; you know you don't want me to anyway:) I knew I wouldn't find much to my liking, but I needed some distraction from my drug-induced headache (legal drugs, that is; I had a horrid tooth infection).

So I happened upon one of those 20/20 type programs (I don't know if it was that show or not). Barbara Walters was interviewing a couple about their six-year-old daughter. They seemed like an intelligent pair, and were obviously upper-middle-class.

Their daughter had made a progressive decision, and her progressive parents had gone along with it.

She had decided at the tender age of 5 that she no longer wanted to be a boy.

Yes, you read that right. You see, she was born a boy... but always desired (in those long first years of her life) to be a girl.

They had her decked out in stylish girl clothing, little girl's make-up (which my 6-year-old would not be wearing) and even have her invite little girlfriends over for play-dates.

Remember, no body changes have been made (to put it delicately); can you imagine how unusual this must be for her school-mates (please tell me it is so).

Is anyone confused yet? I can't even keep it straight for this post.

And should you happen to feel I am making fun of this boy/girl, you're quite wrong. This little girl really doesn't know what she's doing (or atleast it's far-reaching effects). As far as her parents are concerned... I think I'll leave that one unsaid.

What amazed me was the way this news program portrayed this as a courageous and newsworthy story; please, please tell me there are more inspirational things going on in our country... or anywhere else!

It would seem I'm really not missing out on anything after all.


Nikki said...

It's about time you updated this blog!! I have almost stopped checking it.

This poor little boy is so messed up by his parents. At five years old, who knows what he wants? I wanted to be a boy when I was little, too, but my parents were wise enough to keep me a girl. (I thought boys had more fun.)

You know, it had to be his parents who put those thoughts in his mind. I bet they wanted a girl and this is how they are fulfulling that wish. It is really sick!

Brandi said...

I think I saw that same program a while back. There were several age groups that she (B.W.) covered and by the time it came to the teen(s) I had to turn the T.V. off. I only watched as long as I did because I wanted to see if anything showed up that the parents had done. There was one set of twins (I think) in which the boy wanted to switch to being a girl. I noticed in all the pictures that the parents dressed the little girl in frilly dresses for holidays while the boy was always in play clothes. I really doubt that his wanting to switch was any coincidence. It's so very sad.

Frasypoo said...

They are crazy!I understand parents want to be supportive but 5 years is too young!

PS:On the political part...I would hate it if-you-know-who won!
I am almost leaning towards my husbands theory that he may be the antiChrist!