Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I have once again found my voice

There was a part of me that was just a little bit intimidated after the results of the last major election in our country. While I suppose it's natural that those moments in time cause one side or another to makes claims of doom and change (does that last word ring a bell anyone?), I have to admit that my own feelings were less than positive.

Talk is cheap. And there are some claims too impossible to deliver.

Well, I didn't want to stick my neck out too much. After all, once your words are on the world wide web (is it actually called that anymore?), they're out there for all to see. And you can't exactly take them back. Not to mention the fact that they can be used against you. Need I say more?

Well, I have found my voice once again. I am more than disappointed. I'm downright irritated. Watching the Politicians of today (from both sides I might add) messing up things for our future generations is infuriating.

Not to say that I have all the answers. But it's very apparent that these same politicians don't have the best interests of their fellow Americans (especially the tax-paying ones) in mind. It just makes you wonder whose interests are taking up that space?

That's all for now. If you think a Christian, homeschooling mom should keep her nose (not to mention her blog) out of things, stopping by here may not be the best idea. Everyone has their interests, and this happens to be one of mine. Hiding my head in the sand won't make a difference, but maybe adding my voice will.

To be continued..:)


Nikki said...

You're back!! I've wondered how long you were going to stay silent. Oh, the mess our children will inherit.

Marva said...

Yay! I couldn't agree more with you and with Nikki!