Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This day will pass me by

This day gives me yet another reason for being glad I don't own a television. No doubt it will be non-stop inauguration updates.

Truth be told, if Ronald Reagan came back from his grave, I wouldn't want to hear about it non-stop. Although I'd definitely at least watch the evening news, because that would be truly historic ;)

I'm not going to grumble or complain. What's done is done. The people have spoken, and I can respect that. Not necessarily their choice, but the process. Whether you feel like you won or loss with this election, we still live in a great Democracy (albeit one that needs to seriously fix some things within itself, and I'm not talking about the economy here).

I love America. I love Freedom. Freedom to say what I think and feel. Freedom to believe as I wish to believe. Freedom to worship my God. Freedom to raise my children in the way I firmly believe it should be done.

No man, woman, political party, or terrorist can single-handedly take that away.

And so, although I will most definitely avoid all the fanfare, I will on the other hand take time to pray for my country; her people, and her newly sworn in (by days end) President.

May God who has smiled upon us in days long past still see fit to bless America.


Nikki said...

I won't be watching any of the inaugural stuff, either. I had the radio on at noon, and I heard some of the speeches. I don't know who was talking, but I had to turn the station because I couldn't stand to listen. Actually, I spent the morning with some friends and their little ones, and no one mentioned the inauguration.

Angela said...

I am somewhat sad to say that I did watch the inauguration...but only because my boss was in the office today and he wanted me to watch it with him while he ate lunch. You better believe we had a steady stream of comments going at everything that happened. Especially the whole Aretha Franklin thing like I wrote about.

I actually stopped by here today to tell you that this would be a good place for you to do your meaning of words post...and lo and behold you'd already updated!! :)

Mrs. Darling said...

Nope didnt watch it either!